Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out with the ball

(sorry guys today i'm practicing my tiny english in my little tiny blog instead)

After 1 month and 20 days of registering as a student..
I went home 2 days past for my Mid-sem break.. yet, of course i'm at my home sweet home now..

And today, I myself & my lovely friendsss Kamal Adli, Fizz Fairuz & Lisa Surihani have a out-out day.. muahaha..
its the first time in my life playing bowling in 3games instead.. my cute hand already came out with a kriuk kriuk sound.. although i think the majority goal was into the 'longkang' & the annoying part was when an indian man (which have quite tough body) suddenly released the bowling ball backward. Its really funny u know.. & yet because of that man, my friend experience the same thing. Letting go the big ball backwards instead of the goal in front her...

i wish there is a ball like this in my hand

Lastly was the makan-makan part!.. That's the thing I think everyone love too.. The most awesome part. Its been a long time I don't meet the White Granpa (KFC). muahaha.. Talk, talk & talk!.. we love to talk.. 
But poor for me because there's none of any pictures today.. Maybe we can ask fizz fairuz later.. hehe...

Thank you very much for reading this English essay.. I should just consider that this is an evidence for me because a friend of mine just now said that I wrote in english but there's none in my memory i wrote it before!.. so this might satisfy me huh?? puas hati kau jaahh.. muahahaha.. 


  1. ooppss sory kwn..aku terlihat blog laen kot.hahaha
    yg psal gmbar tu aku trlupa dan kamera d setting ke video wt seketika.tggulah bila abis exam then msok singapore bru aku create kan yg nk tmbah kt cnie adalah sya fizz fairuz?hahaha..thanxz cik Elena.i really appreciate. ^_^


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