Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Grateful For What we Have

Such a joy or maybe tears of joy sharing my 'experience' on visiting the Anak Yatim house at Arau, Perlis.
Can you just imagine, at the age as early as 10 years old, you are doing all the staff on your own. Washing the cloth, dry it, iron it on your own. Not just that, you are managing your daily routine on your own.. Maybe it is normal for  'us' at our age now. But its kind of weird and amazed me how they can do all the stuff on their own!.. No family beside.. I'm kind of touched to see them =,=.. 

But actually, they look happy and smile all the time.. haha!.. Keep playing, stubborn, maybe because they are still a little kids and of course that's normal.. Still make 'we' the akak and abang get mad with their naughty. 

There, we organized a few activities for them.. But the activities don't seems to be much fun for me, but maybe seems fun to 'them'. What people always say is true, the anak yatim are little different because their attitude sometimes menggoncang iman kita. You know??.. Sangat perlukan kesabaran yang tinggi untuk mendidik mereka sekalian. 

The pink pink colour are the bro & Sis..
The colorful are the kids..

Olso, we were invited to makan kenduri..! I think it is near Chuping, Perlis or maybe Padang.

And someone named Atikah from my group, yeah that's my name brought a sugar glider... so cute... tapi sangat buas and suka melompat sana sini.. But the kids very attracted to Popo (the sugar glider name). Many of them tak tahu pun tu minatang apo.. Ada yang panggil tikuih terbang haha!.. 

They seems love playing with Popo

What  did I get from this visits?..
  • The relationship between them are close.
Can see the differences between them & last visit to normal school. Their relationship seems close to each other. Probably because they are living like sibling. Even Girl & Boy tak la segan segan mahupun mahu tapi malu. Bestnya buat aktiviti dengan diorang sebab diorang berani & tak segan silu ah!

  • How caring they are
The Abang (the oldest among them) named Azmi aged 17 olso, Ketua aspura. I see how cared he was to the kids. No wonder la dia jadi ketua!.. Ada la adik ni rasanya sekolah rendah kot mengamuk sebab tak dapat apa tah. Besa la budak-budak kan. And Azmi pujuk budak tu!.. sweet k!..manih.. ye la there are no one to look after them kan..
  • Be great full for what you have
See.. we are too 'mewah'. They??.. Don't have many cloths like we have!.. What we want we easily get. But they don't!..
  • What touch me the most
After our Zohor praying, sorang adik ni tetiba cakap kat aku 'boleh buatkan D*** (sorry i really forgot her name cuma ingat setat hurup D) tudung macam akak tak'  Ya Allah, aku pun buat la tudung tu kat dia. Tapi dalam hati aku tetiba rasa macam nak menitik ayaq mata ni.. A'ah.. akak tersentap haty ni.. Kalau la aku bawak tudung lebih, aku dah bagi kat adik tu!.. Dia pakai tudung pun macam dah lama punya.. See, be grateful for what we have.. May U become a useful person & success in your life dear...

till then..

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